Busy restaurants have high cleaning standards

A sparkling clean restaurant leads to repeat clients. Our own personal experience teaches us that it only takes a minor negative hygiene experience in a food establishment to build a bad reputation. Patrons visiting restaurants and bars have high expectations and in todays highly connected world may be quick to post negative reviews when they are unsatisfied with hygiene standards. Are your restaurant cleaning standards and processes using the best technology you can to help ensure your reviews will be positive?

There are many areas to focus on. Back-of-house is crucial to ensure standards are maintained in food preparation. Then the washrooms – cleaning behind the toilet may be overlooked in the current cleaning process. Perhaps the main front of house floor areas are sticky due to using mops rather than mechanical floor cleaning machines. Or it could even be the spill management system that could be improved.
“Instead of taking an hour to mop the floor, we do it in 10 minutes with the i-mop.”


A clean shop means a better shopping experience

When a potential customer approaches and enters your retail facility, the cleanliness of your shop forms a crucial part of the first impression they form. A sparkling clean shop will ensure the shoppers' attention goes straight to your products, but if your store is dirty or appears unclean, it will distract from the products on display. In today’s highly competitive market, retailers must leverage every possible opportunity to create a better customer experience that will drive repeat customers.


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