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Find the perfect commercial dehumidifier for all of your drying needs at TC Spec. Ideal for flood restoration and mould prevention in small and large spaces. A reliable and durable dehumidifier is an essential part of any restoration kit.

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SUNTEC LGR ST600 Stackable Dehumidifier.
  • $2,395.00
Razorback MaxxDry XLGR 85L Dehumidifier 50HZ/230V/AU
  • $2,390.00
  • $3,349.00
Trotec TTK 500 Dehumidifier (call for price and availability)
  • $0.00
Trotec TTK 125 Dehumidifier (call for price and availability)
  • $0.00
TROTEC T3000 Moisture Detection Starter Kit
  • $3,395.00
Suntec LGR ST601 PRO Dehumidifier w/wifi
  • $2,675.00

Sold out

Suntec LGR ST1001 Pro Dehumidifier
  • $3,445.00

Sold out

SUNTEC LGR ST1000 Stackable Dehumidifier.
  • $2,990.00
  • $0.00

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Extracting moisture from walls and flooring is an important part of restoration cleaning. Damp spaces can destroy rooms and create a dangerous environment full of health hazards. When there is water or flood damage, the threat of mould can’t be ignored. Such a situation requires specialised equipment including heavy-duty dehumidifiers to ensure proper drying is achieved. 

The dehumidifiers we supply do an excellent job of removing excess moisture and water that is present in carpet fibers and other structures, such as walls.

These powerful dehumidifiers are suitable and commonly used in restoration of residential and commercial spaces, hospitals, schools and universities, aged care facilities, and restaurants. 

Use in conjunction with a quality air mover and air scrubber on your restoration job for the most comprehensive and effective results.

More Than a Decade of Experience

James has been working with carpet cleaning and restoration equipment for over 18 years, working as a technician of many sophisticated dehumidifiers, truckmounts and other equipment. That’s why you can trust our store as your one-stop-shop for professional cleaning equipment. We supply only high quality restoration equipment, ideal for commercial and residential restoration and carpet cleaning jobs.

Why Choosing a Quality Dehumidifier Matters

Removing moisture from carpets and structures is a hugely important part of the drying process. Using a high quality commercial dehumidifier will ensure your space is properly dried, helping to prevent harmful pathogens, mould and bacteria from growing and spreading. 

Our range includes portable and stackable dehumidifiers, a design which is very convenient and practical to transport and use on a wide variety of residential and commercial cleaning and restoration jobs.

Equipment Repairs

Issues with any of your dehumidifiers or cleaning equipment, get in touch with TC Spec and we’ll be able to provide advice or take a look at your machine to help get it up and running again.

Dehumidifier Financing

Industrial strength dehumidifiers are a worthwhile investment for your cleaning or restoration business, in order to perform a professional level of work and expand your business. However, they can cost a few thousand dollars for a quality machine. For this reason, we offer financing options that can be tailored to your needs.

Where We Service

Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist can deliver dehumidifiers and other restoration equipment throughout Tasmania. We’re headquartered in Launceston, but make frequent trips to Devonport & Hobart. 

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