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We supply an excellent range of air movers, perfect for carpet and structural drying when dealing with flood restoration. 

The portable air movers we have in stock promote fast-drying, helping to prevent mould and mildew forming on carpets and whilst structural drying. 

7 products found in Air Movers

Xpower Axial Air Mover 1/3HP
  • $679.00
Xpower 800 Air Mover 1HP
  • $647.90
Xpower 600 Air Mover 3/4HP
  • $555.00
Xpower 400 Air Mover 1/2HP
  • $429.00
  • $595.00
Xpower 200 Air Mover 1/4HP
  • $278.30
Suntec Typhoon X1000LP Air Mover
  • $490.00

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Our range of air movers includes highly recommended products from leading manufacturers such as Xpower, Restore Solutions and Suntec. Browse our range to find a dependable air mover that will help facilitate an effective carpet drying process.

Why wait for carpets, floors and walls to dry longer than you need to? A quality air mover can promote quick-drying in small and large spaces.

The air movers we supply are portable and easy to transport, making them ideal for any carpet cleaner or restorer’s kit. 

What is an air mover & how do they work?

Air movers do just what their name suggests - they move air! Air circulation helps in strengthening and speeding up the drying process. They’re very useful in large areas and enclosed spaces that don’t have existing airflow. Air movers are most effective when used in combination with commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

Why a quality air mover is important

Air movers can help speed up the carpet drying process. Using quality equipment can make this process faster, making your water damage or flood restoration job complete faster, conserving energy and letting you move on to the next task or job quicker. 

A good air mover will require minimal maintenance, functioning for many years and will generally be quiet to run - a bonus when working at a client’s business or home.

TC Spec have been in the carpet cleaning industry for more than 18 years, in that time we’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the best processes and equipment for efficient and effective floor, wall, and carpet drying. That’s why you can count on us as your trusted supplier or air movers in Tasmania.

How to choose the best air mover

If you’re unsure which Air Mover is best for your individual or business needs, feel free to get in touch with us on 0412 661 524 and get expert advice from carpet cleaning industry veterans.

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