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Truckmounts are a mounted commercial piece of carpet cleaning equipment fitted into a van or trailer which runs off its own power pack.

They are used for hot water extraction cleaning also known as steam cleaning which is the use of hot water and vacuum with the addition of chemicals to deep clean carpets and upholstery.

The reason why hot water extraction is more efficient is that it is capable of cleaning the carpets more thoroughly as it penetrates deeps into the fabric as opposed to other methods that may only clean the surface. This method is also highly effective in removing the smelly odours of smoke, smells, and deep-rooted stains. 

Truckmounts are used in the residential and commercial cleaning of carpets, tile and grout cleaning (hard surfaces) with some capable of pressure washing. In the restoration industry truckmounts are also used for the process of water extraction after flooding.

We take pride in our advice on equipment packaging and workmanship in customising installations specific to your operational requirements.  Choice of truckmounted machines from the Legend Brands (incl: Sapphire Scientific & Prochem) or HydraMaster manufacturers is expertly recommended and layout is meticulously planned for good positioning in terms of space saving and ergonomic set up.

Basic install

The basic install is an option at the minimum cost level that may suit new starters in the carpet cleaning industry or those wishing to upgrade from a portable set up. The truckmount is safely mounted and secured straight onto the original flooring of the vehicle as per the manufactures supplied bolt system and specifications. A basic install is typically;

  • Truckmount, hose and reel only.
  • One wand operating system (running one hose and wand for a single operator)
  • Training/hand over 

Deluxe packages

Deluxe packages are for the seasoned and professional carpet cleaner and restorers looking to improve on their current machine’s performance or working up to a fleet service. Or if you are wanting to start your new venture into the industry with a professional set up right off the mark.

The deluxe install offers the full package;

  • Rust prevention
  • Wood flooring (customise measure and cut)
  • Marine carpet to floor and wall (customised measure and cut)
  • Lighting
  • Insulation to help with the cold months and protection to machine and reduction in operation noise
  • One wand operating system (running one hose and wand for a single operator)
  • Dual wand operating system (option to have two operators running two hoses and wands simultaneously).
  • Training/handover

We put expert details into individualising your installations. As part of the process of measuring up for space saving and ergonomic setup we work closely with local steel fabricators to customise fabrication of metal holders and hangers for wands, sprayers, fuel tanks and hoses.

Our specialised customisations of truckmounted machines is known Australia wide for our quality workmanship from those in the industry.

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