Job site or work place needs assessments

We offer a job site or work place needs assessment for equipment requirements and chemical applications.

If you are a venue, school, university or business with in-house cleaning staff or looking to upgrade your cleaning schedule for your place of work, an assessment by us is a great option in understanding how to keep your environment safe and clean for employees or clientele.

What we do and things we’ll check with you.

  • Asses your environment. This means looking at the types of surface materials - hard floor, carpet, upholstery, metals, touch points (handles, switches, glass, electronics), hard surface areas like desks and bench tops and thoroughfares and access to areas to be cleaned
  • Do you have inhouse cleaning staff or are a small business? This could mean getting an understanding of your workers capability and the frequency of your current cleaning schedule.
  • What’s your budget? This is an important one. If you are a small business perhaps your cleaning schedule will only include chemical applications in spays and concentrates.

If you are a large business or government building you may already have a procedure in place but your equipment isn’t up to the job and you need further advice on chemical applications in large quantities of concentrates.

Let us know your expectations up front so we can tailor options to suit your budget.

  • Complying with Covid 19 Safe Workplace Framework. COVID-19 Safety plans and checklists are now a requirement for businesses reopening or continuing to operate. The Framework encompasses Safe Workplaces Guidelines outlining minimum standards for cleaning and hygiene with headings such as cleaning, hygiene, supplies and equipment.

We can help by recommending chemical and hygiene products for your place of work that comply with the minimum standards that you can input into your COVID 19 Safety Plan. 

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