The problem of meth residue in living environments

Meth contamination in homes is becoming a major issue. Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the English speaking world, and that number is now three times higher than it was in 2011. In NSW, the number of meth labs has doubled over the past six years.

Meth contamination which is an invisible contaminant has no real odour. It is a very real issue for people buying or renting property and can cost thousands of dollars to remediate.

Meth residue screening establishes the safety and liability risks within a new property before tenants move in or when a sale transaction is completed.

Some things you might not know 

  • The largest threat to properties is not meth labs, its meth users. Regular smoking of meth inside a home can return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.
  • Health concerns around meth residue. While meth residue is odourless and invisible, exposure can cause a wide range of health issues for the property’s occupants. Problems may include: respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, increased susceptibility to illness, eye and skin irritations, behaviour problems in young children, sleep disorders and insomnia.
  • Australian laws (EPA and local government) say that meth contamination above 0.5 micrograms in a space 100cm square (0.5µg/100cm²) is not acceptable.
  • Discovering contamination early makes remediation less expensive. It also means meth-using tenants can be evicted before contamination levels increase any further.
  • Professional meth residue testing is fully tax deductible if your property is owned by a company or trust.
  • Knowing the meth residue status of a property you manage, own or are about to purchase is as important as knowing whether it has a termite problem or a leaky roof. It’s part of being a property owner today.      

Why have we partnered with Meth Detect?

Meth Detect specialise in meth residue screening, it’s what they do. You can be confident the results you get from Meth Detect are unbiased and unaffected by any conflict of interest.  They are not affiliated with any decontamination companies.  The sampling methodology they use is NIOSH9111 which is internationally recognised as best practise by industry experts. 

  • Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialists are field sampling technicians that are trained in the process of the correct sample collection, based on 100cm² to ensure accurate results.
  • Analysis of samples is carried out in a NATA accredited laboratory which is accredited for the method NIOSH9111.
  • You will receive a comprehensive written report between 48 to 72 hours after samples are collected.
Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist specialises in supplying high grade chemicals for decontamination to experienced and qualified restoration/decontamination companies.

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    Four main steps for Meth Testing and Decontamination

    1. Initial Testing
    2. Full Detailed Assessment
    3. Decontamination
    4. Validation Testing

    Step 1 - Initial Testing

    Call Meth Detect 1300 37 37 85 and mention Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist as your local referral.

    There are two ways to conduct initial testing.  A Laboratory Composite test can be performed by Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist through Meth Detect which involves visiting the home and taking samples from each room.

    The lab takes an extraction from each sample and runs a single test, producing one reading for the property.  

    These tests range are very comprehensive, giving a full printed report including photos, floorplan and property data. If further testing is required, the samples can be re-run individually without a further visit to the property.

    For bulk and regular initial testing, Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist through Meth Detect can supply instant tests kits for initial testing. 

    The kits are inexpensive and easy to use and come with full instructions, including information on where to test, taking into account dust accumulation traps, airflow zones and specific Meth absorbent materials that should be looked for and sampled on.

    Instant Kits allow convenient testing and results on the spot so further testing can be scheduled immediately for any positive results.

    This allows Real Estate Agents and Property Managers to test many properties routinely and inexpensively, providing peace of mind for both Agents and Tenants that the properties being provided are free of Meth Contamination.

    Step 2 – Full Detailed Assessment

    Call Meth Detect 1300 37 37 85 to schedule Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist for your detailed assessment.

    If the initial test is positive, the next step is to schedule a Full Detailed Assessment by Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist through Meth Detect. 

    The Full Detailed Assessment will provide a reading for each room and specific data on building materials that is required by the Decontamination Company to quote for the job.

    This test is an individual analysis of each sample taken in the property by an experienced and fully trained Meth Testing Technician.

    Step 3 – Decontamination

    Once the Detailed Assessment has been done, a Decontamination Company (usually referred to as Restorers) can be engaged.

    Once they have all the relevant information, they will produce a quote for the required work along with a Remediation Action Plan (RAP). The RAP outlines the property details, and what actions they will undertake.

    Once the decontamination process is done, they will arrange for Meth Detect to organise Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist to return and conduct Validation Testing. The cost of this will be itemised in their quote and depend on the number of rooms to be retested.

    Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist specialises in supplying high grade chemicals for decontamination to experienced and qualified Restoration/Decontamination companies.  

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    Step 4 - Validation Testing

    Validation testing is the same as the Detailed Assessment Testing; however, this will only be for rooms that were over the safe guideline level and have now been decontaminated.

    When the results of the validation testing come back from the lab, if the results are good, a Clearance Certificate will be issued by the Decontamination Company. The Clearance Certificate gives the green light for any other remediation work to be completed or to re-let or sell the property.

    If the validation results come back and still show signs of contamination, the Decontamination Company will return and decontaminate the areas that are unsafe. This is at no cost to the owner or the property manager

    Adding to your repertoire as carpet cleaners, restorer or property manager

    Meth Detect is inviting you to partner with them so that you can offer Meth Testing as part of your repertoire by utilising their Instant Kits as part of your cleans or restorations.

    Instant Kits are easy to use to get an instant indication if Meth is present.  These kits are inexpensive and you can test an average size 3-bedroom home kits using 2 kits, sampling in 10 separate rooms.

    Using an instant kit is simple and anybody can do it. Gloves are provided in the kit to guard against any cross contamination.  Also attached are the instructions that come in every Meth Detect Instant Kit so you can see exactly how they work and what is involved in using them. 

    One kit can sample up to 5 areas or rooms so your basic small home or apartment can be covered using one or two kits making it a very inexpensive and quick way to test.

    If you do get a positive result, you can advise Meth Detect so that they can contact the property owners and schedule the Laboratory Test. 

    Call Meth Detect 1300 37 37 85 and mention Tasmanian Cleaner’s Specialist as your local referral.

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