XPower Restoration Products

Tasmanian Cleaner's Specialist | TC Spec, is a distributor for XPower. We can order any Xpower product available to the Australian market.

A little background on XPower;

XPOWER Manufacture Inc. brings over 25 years of experience developing an expanding series of products with the most advanced technology in today’s market. By creating a fully integrated design with state-of-the art miniaturization, XPOWER’s innovative products are lightweight, quiet, and rugged – without sacrificing power or durability.

XPOWER is continuously identifying and investing in advanced manufacturing technologies, including CNC injection molding equipment and a robust R & D team. Their highly trained engineering department is an active participant in the creation of fully integrated motor, housing, and fan designs. The resulting finished products conform to the highest standards of efficiency, balance, and reliability.


175 Watt Mini Air Mover (P-230AT)

Baby-Sized, Huge Drying Power! Weighing under 5kg, this light and compact unit can be carried up and down stairs with ease! Ideal for water damage around the home.


350 Watt Multipurpose Utility Air Mover (X-400)

Multipurpose Utility Air Mover. ABS Housing. Affordable. Durable. This small air mover is made to endure the elements. Great for indoor and outdoor use.


520 Watt Professional Air Mover (X-600 AC)

The Most Popular Air Mover for the USA Restoration Industry. Using tough ABS Plastic, this is made to withstand the abuse of any environment.


700 Watt Multipurpose Air Mover (X-800C)

Multipurpose Air Mover/Dryer. Tough ABS Plastic Housing. This powerful unit is Heavy Duty and designed to quickly and effectively dry your floors.


225 Watt Turbo Pro Axial Air Mover (X-41ATR)

State-of-the-art research and design spawned this world class Turbo-Pro Axial Air Mover.