HydraMaster Truckmounts

Tasmanian Cleaner's Specialist is the only supplier of HydraMaster truckmounts in Tasmania. James has been dealing with HydraMaster machines for over 14 years and can attest to their high quality.

The ease of serviceability for the HydraMaster truckmounts makes these machines one of the best in terms of maintenance and sustainability from a technicians point of view.

HydraMaster offers a 2 years parts & labor warranty. In addition, after installation TC Spec will provide a maintenance service plan to keep your machine running efficiently ensuring minimal downtime.

Truckmount Packages

BASIC packages provide a safely mounted truck mount for efficient operator use.

DELUXE packages can include; advice on ergonomic set up, full wood floor and carpet to the ceiling, lighting, shelving, reels, blower racks and storage

Truckmount Services

  • Maintenance | Service
  • Installations & Van Set Ups
  • Decomissions


Hydramaster Titan 575

The Titan 575 is a titan among truckmounts. It allows you to run two wands, so you can take on those bigger cleaning jobs or you can get done twice as fast. Incorporating the industry’s first true water conservation system, it also can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without dumping fresh water.


Hydramaster Boxxer-423s

The Boxxer 423s takes the proven track record of the industry’s top selling truckmount, the Boxxer 421 to an entire new level of reliability, durability, and serviceability.


Hydramaster Boxxer 318 (in the box)

The Boxxer 318 takes the single wand truckmount to a new performance level. With an 18 horsepower engine and a 315 CFM vacuum blower, this machine is powerful enough to run over 90 meters of vacuum hose – and it delivers enough heat to clean dirty carpets all day long. The 318 is a machine that the new business, or one moving up from a portable, won’t outgrow any time soon. The Boxxer 318 joins the already well-known Boxxer line as an economically priced, high value truckmount.


Hydramaster Boxxer 318HP

The new Boxxer 318HP takes the truckmount hard surface performance to a new level with 1500 psi heated solution... The Boxxer 318HP joins the already well-known Boxxer line as an economically priced, high value, high performace carpet cleaning and high pressure hard surface cleaning machine.


Hydramaster CDS 4.8

The Most Popular Van Powered System in The World

The concept behind the design of the CDS™ is to provide a powerful, reliable cleaning system that uses the power and heat source already provided by the host vehicle. The rugged and reliable engineering that has, for over two decades, made the CDS the most popular van powered system in the industry is taken to a new level with the CDS 4.8 Overdrive