Dri-Eaz Restoration Products

Tasmanian Cleaner's Specialist | TC Spec, supplies Dri-Eaz products straight from distributors on the main land. We have listed only several items but can order any Drieaz product available to the Australian market on request.

Summary of information direct from Dri-Eaz:

"Dri-Eaz manufactures a broad range of dehumidifiers, airmovers, structural drying systems and air scrubbers used by water damage restoration professionals and in industrial drying, cleaning, and maintenance work. Dri-Eaz works with partners such as GE Sensing to offer the industry’s best moisture detection instruments. Dri-Eaz recently joined with Microban-Unsmoke, a premier provider of antimicrobial and cleaning applications, to form Legend Brands".


BD 2500 230 Volt Dehumidifier

The BD2500 packs state-of-the-art Low Humidity Technology into the most compact design ever achieved for the restorative drying industry. Stackable and easy to transport, the BD2500 space-saving design lets restorers pack more drying power into their vans, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.


LGR 7000 Dehumidifier

Breaking the performance barriers as the new category leader, the LGR 7000XLi removes more water than any other dehumidifier in its category! Want to unlock the true potential of LGR performance for your business? Look to the LGR 7000XLi from Dri-Eaz.


Drieaz Velo Airmover

High performance air movement in a small package? They said it couldn’t be done! But the new Velo delivers just that, and more: high velocity air movement, low amp draw and amazing portability. Dri-Eaz combined these features with easy cleaning, versatile application and legendary U.S.-made quality to make one of the most effective Dri-Eaz airmovers has ever built.