Actichem Chemicals

Actichem brand is made by Applied Products Australia and is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products.

Applied Products specialises in the manufacture of high quality chemicals for cleaning and protecting almost every hard or soft surface. Their products are carefully formulated in their laboratory and packaged under the “Actichem” brand.

Applied Products commitment to the Industry (as stated on their website) is inline with TC Spec's vision to supply quality chemicals to carpet cleaner's, restorers and general cleaners in Tasmania.

Applied Products commitment:

"To genuinely improve the effectiveness of cleaning, restoration and sealant products for the carpet & upholstery and stone & tile industries"


Performance Gold

Actichem’s AP454 Performance Gold is a unique blend of high performance surfactant chemistry, soil release agents and solvents which combine to provide grease-cutting power normally only associated with high pH, heavy duty degreasers.


Actichem Bust

AP496 Actichem Bust is a radical strength protein and blood removal formulation which also produces outstanding results on cleaning tough soiling from nylon carpeting.



Actichem 494 Brownaway is a high activity formula for neutralising and reversing alkaline browning (cellulosic browning) stains.


Conquer Spotter

Actichem’s AP462 Conquer is an unbeatable multi-task spotting solution effective on a wide range of water based and oily stains, with the added benefit of anti-resoiling encapsulation technology.



AP433 Deosan is a proprietary, anti-microbial odour-neutralizer for use in severe mal-odour situations arising from organic waste, urine, faeces, sewerage, pets, flooding or fire damage.


Performance Plus

Actichem’s Performance Plus is one of the most significant breakthroughs in carpet cleaning since wet extraction was first developed. It brings together into one the impressive new developments in soil suspension technology with the innovative anti-resoiling polymer technology and the formulary requirements for the safe cleaning of wool carpeting